Vestry and Officers

Rena McDonough, Sr. Warden 247-9253

Cassie Root, Clerk 247-3791

Scott Beriau, 247-8048

George Howard, 802-379-6106

Missey Thompson, 247-3055

Treasurer:  Ken Brown, Treasurer  247-3194

Core Ministry Team:

The  Core Ministry Team is the spiritual leadership of the parish and has  oversight of the ministries normally in the domain of a settled priest:   worship and liturgy, pastoral care, Christian education and formation, and mission.    Please contact any member of the team if you need the services of a priest, have questions about worship and liturgy, or have pastoral care needs or concerns.

Barb Brown, 247-3194

Franci Farnsworth, 247-6154

Rachel Field, 802-522-6730

Matthew Gibbs, 236-4630 

Paul Gratz, 236-442

Gert Sherwood, 465-8457

Bob Wertz, 558-1564


(802) 247-6759

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