Parish Leadership

Vestry and Officers

Rena McDonough, Senior Warden - (802)247-9253

George Howard, Junior Warden

Missey Thompson

Madine Reed

Franci Farnsworth

Ken Brown, Treasurer

Cassie Root, Clerk

Core Ministry Team:

The  Core Ministry Team is the spiritual leadership of the parish and has  oversight of the ministries normally in the domain of a settled priest:   worship and liturgy, pastoral care, Christian education and formation, and mission. The team consists of  our Priest-in-Partnership and lay members.     If you need the ministries of a priest, have questions about worship and liturgy, or have pastoral care needs or concerns use the following email address and someone will get back to you.

Barb Brown

Franci Farnsworth

Rachel Field

Matthew Gibbs

Bob Wertz